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Yamashita IKI Squid Spike Tool

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The Yamashita Iki Squid spike is designed for the quick and humane dispatch of squid. The design also encompasses a hook straightener. This cleverly designed tool is small enough to fit into the most compact tackle box and really is a must for the avid Squid hunter, particularly when the Squid sought is destined for the kitchen, BBQ and eventually the dining table.

There is so much evidence about appropriate dispatch methods and time frames and its effect on food quality that it is considered a given. The quick dispatch of sea creatures destined for the table has a significant impact on the eating qualities. Squid is no different. A quick dispatch prevents the tube, the part we eat, from tightening. Ultimately, flavour and texture at its best following a quick, efficient dispatch coupled with appropriate storage.

A study on Snapper in New Zealand found that fish intended for the table, yet allowed to live for a while after being caught released a chemical it is assumed due to stress. Flavour and quality were of course lessened. This may well be the case with Squid also, so it makes sense to kill your catch immediately and correctly then store appropriately. The Yamashita Iki Squid Spike is designed for the most humane dispatch possible. Simply push the spike into the lump between the eyes for a fast, humane kill. Your Squid will then be in the best possible condition to be served to the table.

The Yamashita Iki Squid Spike also comes with a hook bending feature built onto the shaft of the spike. Often we get a snag, big fish or clump of weed that will bend and/or straighten your hook on your squid jig. Use the Yamashita Iki Squid Spike to fix your hook instead of replacing the entire squid jig. This of course will save you money and the Yamashita Iki Squid Spike is a brilliant tool for sale now here at fishing tackle shop.


- Designed specifically for dispatching Squid
- Compact size and easy to carry
- High Vis colour
- Hook straitening tool included on spike shaft
- Squid can be quickly and humanely dispatched.
- Squid dispatched correctly with the Iki Spike have far better table qualities.
- Includes a hook straightener to repair bent barbs on your jigs.


- 120mm overall length including handle