A vibrant fishing lure will make your next fishing trip more fun. A fishing lure, which is designed to be reused, is excellent for attracting specific sorts of fish, allowing you to better target the species you catch in Australia. 

Fishing lures are not only enjoyable to use, but they also help you to cover additional territory in the water. There are several practical advantages to using fishing lures, including:

  • Reusable - You only need to buy your fishing lure once, which reduces overharvesting of bait species.

  • Larger catches - In general, lures assist you to target and catch larger fish while minimising undesired catches.

  • Storage - Unlike fresh fishing bait, which requires dirt and water tanks, your lure can be stored directly in your tackle box.

Frozen bait for fishing is easier to store then fresh but compared to lure fishing in Australia. In addition to disrupting the organism's structure, frozen bait is as appealing to fish as the same fresh fishing bait. When bait is defrosted for use, it frequently smells strongly, is mushy, and makes poor bait. Many fish will reject these options unless there has been flooding and food is in short supply.

Fishing lures are not all created equal, and the type of lure you use will affect the type of fish you catch in Australia. 

Davos Tackle carries a wide variety of fishing lures for Australian fishing, so if you're looking for a certain sort of lure, we've got you covered with our buyers guides. We have hard bodied lures, jigging lures (including jig heads and squid jigs), metal spinning lures, skirted trolling lures, spinnerbait lures, soft plastics, poppers, swimbaits, stickbaits in stock.

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