Spinning Reels

At Davo's Tackle we stock a great collection of spinning reels for Australian fishing. Spinning Reels are great for beginners and experts alike because they're easy to use, come in a wide range of sizes, don't need much servicing, and are suitable for fishing with soft baits in shallow water. 

Spinning reels are easy to use for beginning anglers and there are several high-end versions on the market now that are equally acceptable for seasoned anglers in Australia. A spinning reel is a great option and will serve you well if you use a range of fishing tackle to catch a variety of species and you enjoy the simplistic design. 

Traditionally used mainly for light to medium fishing gear in Australia, technical developments mean that larger sizes are now sufficiently durable and retain enough braid and reel drag pressure to target larger fish that traditionally required overhead reels. Spin reels are also known as threadline or eggbeater reels and available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the line and rod you are using. Our buyers Guide to the Best Spin reels can be found here.

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