Overhead Fishing Rods

Overhead rods are commonly used for Australian boat fishing and are designed with the overhead reel on top of the rod with the guides put relatively close together so that the line does not contact the rod blank.

Over head rods are shorter and more powerful, making them ideal for fighting large fish when fishing in Australia from a boat. Overhead reels are typically matched with overhead rods. When boat fishing with an overhead rod in Australian waters, you will not need to cast, simply drop your line and wait for the fish to come to your bait or trolling lure.

With an overhead rod that is made for reeling in monster Australian fish species from the depths, any angler can troll for the trophy pelagic fish. Overhead fishing tackle can also be used for jigging for bottom dwelling fishing species with artificial jigs as well as lightweight vertical fishing in both fresh and salt water, with soft tips for optimal sensitivity and jig action.

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