Jig heads are a crucial part of fishing equipment when combined with soft plastic lures. Jig heads are widely regarded as one of the most adaptable artificial lure attachments, capable of attracting a wide range of species in virtually any fishing environment in Australia. 

A jig head is made up of a hook that has been fashioned with a lead sinker, which provides the lure weight and aids in its motion in the water. They are frequently covered by a soft plastic bait to attract fish with a vertical jerking motion or a slow rolling technique, in which the lure is retrieved in a steady constant wind while remaining parallel to the bottom. Jig heads vary in style, soft plastic size, hook size and weight, allowing you to select the most appropriate fish presentation based on your target species. They are versatile, as they may be used in both freshwater and saltwater conditions and they come in both weedless/snagless forms.

Our FAQ buyers guide on Jig Heads can be found here.

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