Travel Fishing Rods

Are you looking for the best way to travel with fishing rods that you can carry on a plane and easily pack in your luggage?

Carry them in a backpack, a boat, or to pack for camping - the choices are limitless. When you have a travel rod with you, you'll be prepared to enjoy any Australian fishing adventure that comes your way.

With our selection of Travel Rods, you won't have to settle for worn-out rental equipment on your upcoming fishing holiday. For anglers who want to cherish every second of their experience, a travel fishing rod is the ideal choice. These fishing rods are suitable for use in some of the most beautiful fishing destinations in Australia and are available as telescopic fishing rods or multi piece fishing rods.

Find the best travel fishing rod of telescopic fishing rod  from Davos Tackle online and get ready for your ideal fishing holiday in Australia with our travel fishing rod buyers guide.