About Us

Davo's Tackle and Outdoors Online has become a brand that is synonymous with a range of Fishing and Outdoors products that is second to none; at the sharpest pricing available globally. We started selling fishing and outdoors products online out of a desire to offer the Fisherman and/or Outdoors Enthusiast a premium online destination to shop the biggest range of products at the best price all whilst receiving unparalleled customer service.

We set out to achieve this goal by implementing a daily expanding catalog of highly specialty fishing and outdoors equipment. Our range offering is also held in stock at levels to allow for a seamless shopping experience for our end user. We have also tailored our delivery solutions to offer delivery at speeds that consistently exceed our customer's expectations. 

Davo’s Tackle Online is the ecommerce division of a long standing and locally renowned Bait and Tackle store in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The overarching business has been in operation since 1980. The original Davo’s Bait and Tackle store still trades in Noosaville as the best Brick and Mortar Tackle store in the region, however Davo’s Tackle Online operates as a completely separate entity.

At Davo’s Tackle Online we began our ecommerce journey in 2017 Since then the team at Davo’s Tackle Online have remained aggressively committed to the pursuit of being the leading online destination for fishing tackle and outdoors equipment. 

Our product offering is expanding daily. We are refining internal processes and software architecture regularly to provide the global fishing and outdoors enthusiast with the premium option for purchasing equipment at the sharpest pricing.