Hard Bodies

Anglers love hard body lures for fishing because they can imitate live bait and encourage almost any fish species to bite on your line, including barra, bream and tuna. 

One of the most successful techniques to catch huge fish In Australia is with hardbody lures. These lures are meant to attract fish by replicating the appearance, feel, and movement of actual baitfish. They are available in a range of styles and colours, allowing you to select the perfect lure for your unique fishing conditions. Hardbody lures are also quite tough and can withstand a lot of harm from hard-fighting fish. Hardbody lures come in a variety of colours and patterns to help you catch more fish and land the big one!

Davos Tackle has the best hardbody bream lures and hardbody lures for flathead that will allow you to dive deep or stay near to the water's surface. Check out our Hardbody Lures Buyers Guide here.

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