Swimbaits are essential for any fisherman who wants to employ a highly realistic lure for catching fish of any size in Australia. Modern swimbaits are made to be very lifelike, simulating the prey of large fish species in the water. The physics of these swimbaits also allow for greater coverage of large areas of water than a typical lure.

Swimbaits are perfect for catching huge predatory fish in Australia. Species such as barramundi, Murray cod, mulloway, and snapper are drawn to a well-presented swimbait. Furthermore, smaller carnivores such as trout, bass, bream, and flathead are excellent targets for a swimbait lure.

At Davos Tackle we stock a great range of swimbaits designed to look like the real thing. If you're after a life-like and highly realistic lure that imitates prey and attracts bigger lurking fish such as swimbaits for cod, check out our buyers guide.

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