Overhead Reels

The Overhead Reel is a popular and powerful piece of fishing gear in Australia. They are the ideal reel when dropping down for deep water monsters or for big game fishing because they are made for boat or kayak fishing. Whether you use monofilament or braided line, you'll be able to easily reach your desired depth because overheads have a lot of drag pressure to halt those monsters of the deep while holding a lot of line on the spool. 

An overhead fishing reel is capable of handling any task, including dropping down baits on the nearby reef for snapper, coral trout, or red emperors, trolling some deep-diving hardbodies for fish like mackerel and tuna, or even tossing out skirted lures for billfish.

If you're after a reel that holds more line with a high drag and can be used for any type of offshore fishing then you are probably best with an overhead reel, Just check out our Overhead reels buyers guide for some tips before you buy. Overhead reels are especially popular with anglers fishing for big fish in challenging sea conditions.

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