Skirted Lures

Trolling with Lures - There are numerous options available for bluewater trolling lures for kingfish, sailfish, marlin, yellowfin tuna, longfin tuna, and other species. We know that trolling lures are needed in a variety of situations, from imitating a fleeing injured fish to moving fast through the water. 

Trolling with skirted lures are the preferred lure type for pelagic fish such as tuna and marlin. In Australia and around the world, no other lure type has regularly caught as many Marlin or Tuna off the coast. If your passion is game fishing for record-breaking pelagic fish, trolling skirts are the lures to stock up on at Davos Tackle Online.

We have big game fishing lure skirts from Williamson, Silstar, Citer, Buku and more.