Soft Plastics

Soft plastic fishing lures are among the most popular and effective types of fishing lures in Australia. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and styles, including a small bait fish lure imitation, a shrimp and even worm or grub lures. One of the primary benefits of soft plastic lures is their versatility; by simply changing jighead weights, you can use the same soft  lure to target various species in different depths of water. 

Davos Tackle carries a wide variety of popular brand soft plastic lures, including the biodegradable Gulp lure series and the ever-popular Zman soft plastic range with its 10x elaztech construction.

Pre-rigged soft plastics are ideal for fishermen who prefer to avoid the effort of purchasing jigheads and rigging them individually. Davos Tackle also carries a large selection of fishing jigheads in various hook sizes and weights to guarantee you have a perfectly rigged soft plastic for when you're going after that fish of a lifetime.

If you want to catch freshwater or saltwater fish, we have the soft plastic lures you need at the best price, see our Soft Plastic Lure Buyers Guide here.

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