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Williamson SFK10 Sailfish Rigged Skirted Lure Bulk Value 10 Pack

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The Williamson Sailfish Kit! Complete with 6 fully rigged trolling skirted fishing lures and 4 teaser birds.

The lure heads are specifically designed to accommodate the bait spring in the rear of the head thus offering the bait maximum protection when trolling. Six exciting colours are provided in the trolling skirt lures and in regards to the exciter bird teasers you get two hard and two soft teasers which you can place either in front of your lures to create some extra tease of you can build a complete teaser to assist in raising the fish to take a strike at your lures.


- 6x Trolling Skirted Lures - All fully rigged
- 2x Exciter birds soft
- 2x Exciter birds hard
- Great for; trolling for Sailfish, Tuna, Small marlin and other pelagic fish species
- Handy Lure wrap bag included


- Model: SFK10
- Pack quantity: 10