Silstar 9313007016891

Silstar Troll Em Xmas Christmas Tree Rigged Trolling Metal Head Skirted Lure

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How simple is this! All you need to do is take the Silstar Pre rigged Xmas Tree lure out of the packet and attach it to a swivel on your main line, drop it over the side and let it out to around 15 metres from the back of the boat, and start trolling. The lure is a jethead style lure that contains tinsel and feathers for movement and flash in the water. The lure comes pre-rigged which makes it easy to take from the packet and use straight away. The water commotion and movement of these lures in a trolled spread makes them very attractive to a range of predators.Ideal for tuna, kingfish, salmon, bonito, tailor and many other pelagics that roam the sea, it can be trolled at speeds between 3-10 knots, depending on the fish species that you are targeting.


- Jet style head
- Tinsel and feather skirt combination
- Fantastic for smaller pelagic sports fish
- Fully rigged with mono leader and hook


- Colours: Pink or Pink/Blue
- Sizes 10cm, 13cm, 16cm