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Williamson GFK6 Gamefish Rigged Skirted Lure Bulk Value - 6 Pack

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The Williamson Game Fishing Trolling Lure pack is a line-up of 6 highly successful and popular game fishing lures and as usual expect nothing but the best from Williamson! The Williamson Game fishing Lures Kit consists of 6 fully rigged trolling lures that are approximately 14 too 16cm in length. These lures are a great option for beginners to start their collection without the worry of rigging them up or an awesome collection for seasoned angler.

The Williamson Game fishing Lure kit also includes a handy lure bag that houses the lures perfectly and is saltwater resistant so your lures last longer and don't tangle with each other.


- Package contains 6 game fishing lures
- Lures are skirted style trolling lures
- Lures are approximately 14 to 16cm in length
- Includes saltwater resistant lure bag
- Lures are professionally pre rigged ready to use
- Great variety of colours


- Model: GFK6
- Pack quantity: 6