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Undersee Zap Neon Speargun

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An excellent entry-level speargun for recreational spearfishing, the ZAP Neon speargun is a quality piece of gear produced by Undersee. Affiliated with water sport company Land and Sea, Undersee has been specialising in crafting Australian spearguns since just after the Second World War.

The ease of use is also reflected by the fact that the ZAP gives you a single-flopper harpoon point for spearfishing. These harpoons are much easier to use, thus letting you fire at a more rapid rate. Floppers are at their most effective when used to catch smaller species of fish.

Undersee ensures the quality by building the gun with a solid fluoro butt, stainless steel shaft, and "q" trigger mechanism. The black and yellow neon colour scheme will even help you to find the gun if you accidentally drop it in the water. ZAP is also available in 3 sizes and is a highly effective speargun available at a recreational price tag.


- Black body
- Fluoro butt
- Stainless steel shaft
- Quality trigger mechanism
- NOTE: single flopper has been replaced with prongs instead


- Length: 750mm / 2'6"
- 5/16-inch diameter shaft
- 14-inch rubber

- Length: 1000mm / 3'6"
- 5/16-inch diameter shaft
- 18-inch rubber

- Length: 1400mm / 4'6"
- 5/16-inch diameter shaft
- 24-inch rubber