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Undersee Woodie Timber Speargun

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The Woodie Spearguns have been a stable at Undersee for over 50 years. Why? Because they're good. When we often talk to spearo's that are buying one, it's because their father and grandfather had one and their pathway has been laid. 

If you want the best timber speargun in the market today, you need the Woodie MKII. Built to last, with the Flagship Manta Grip, you'll have spearfishing heaven like your family in the past. Fitted standard with a double notched stainless steel spear shaft  and single flopper harpoon, you get speed and impact.  The timber stocks are hand crafted and made from Tasmanian Oak Hardwood. A spear guide-rail is machined into the timber barrel for ultimate in accuracy. Stained and varnished with 2 coats of marine grade varnish for long lasting barrel life. It's available with stock lengths from 40cm - 120cm.


- Flagship Mantra Grip
- 5/16 UNF thread
- Tough and durable 


- Model: 750
- Length: 400mm barrel
- Spear: 24" x 5/16" with single flopper harpoon
- Booster Loop: 14" x 5/8"

- Model: 1000
- Length: 700mm barrel
- Spear: 36" x 5/16" with single flopper harpoon
- Booster Loop: 18" x 5/8"

- Model: 1400
- Length: 1000mm barrel
- Spear: 54" x 5/16" with single flopper harpoon
- Booster Loop: 24" x 5/8"

- Model: 1700
- Length: 1150mm barrel
- Spear: 60" x 5/16"
- Booster Loop: 28" x 5/8"