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Toit TOIT01 Tools Side Cutters Pliers Blue Stainless Steel

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Are you tired of seeing these removable insert type tools breaking twisting, screw deforming? Well that is exactly why we opted for a fixed cutting edge. If you are looking for Side Cutters that provide both corrosion resistance and an ergonomic handle, this may just be the tool to try. Toit Side Cutters work perfectly alongside our Haywire Twist Tool to create a Haywire Twist, Tokyo Rig or even a Dingle Dangle Rig.

These Side Cutters are designed specifically to cut single strand fishing wire. Not only are these Stainless Steel but we have brazed a Tungsten Carbide insert in both the upper and lower jaw.


- Stainless Steel 410 J1 Drop Forging
- Brazed Tungsten Carbide insert
- PVD Tialn Surface Coating
- Ergonomic hand finished design
- Designed for hand/grip comfort
- Internally spring loaded for easy operation
- Lightweight
- Environmentally friendly product, no rubber/plastic/silicone handle
- All metal design – No plastic to fall off, shrink or get damaged
- Highly polished surface finish
- Fixed insert to prevent moving, stable cutting edge
- Important….rinse, wipe clean, lightly oil for smooth operation after use


- Model: TOIT01
- Length: 6"