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Sure Catch Live Bait Fish Trap Catcher

PHONE ORDERS (07) 4357 8991

This multi-use Bait Catcher and Berley Bucket is a must for all serious fishermen.

The SureCatch clear Bait Catcher is used to catch bait fish for live bait. Place a weight inside or onto designated tie down points (if in a current) and bait such as bread inside and leave until you see bait fish inside the trap. Retrieve the Bait Catcher/Trap and pour fish into your bucket. Change your water regularly or use a Bait Bucket and aerator to keep your bait healthy.

Using a berley bucket is an ideal way of ensuring a constant berley trail, and that the berley is distributed sparingly. Place your favourite berley mix into the berley bucket and watch your berley stream go to work. Usually the first fish to show in a berley stream are small baitfish, which off course, soon leads to bigger and better fish.

  • Comes with Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Dowel lock endcap
  • Tie down points for weights
  • Able to be fully disassembled for easy cleaning
  • Durable clear plastic construction
  • 260mm Long x 95cm Diameter (approximately)