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Snowbee High Waisted Fishing Wader Trousers

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Almost all breathable waders have been made from 100% nylon material for the uppers. The new ‘Soft-Touch’ material takes breathable wader technology onto a completely new level. This new, top quality breathable material is a blend of 90% polyester and just 10% nylon. Polyester is a far tougher material than nylon so offers superior strength and durability.

However what sets it apart is the outer layer which has a brushed ‘Soft-touch’ finish. Not only does this look and feel superb, but the ‘darkgreen-skin’ finish makes it totally flexible and ‘silent’. No more feeling as if you’re walking along in a chip packet!  
The outer material is DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated, while the inner laminate uses Snowbee's highly reliable Vapour-Tec breathable membrane for superior breathability and hydrostatic water pressure resistance. 


- Breathable and comfortable
- Soft touch technology (90% polyester / 10% nylon)
- Tough DWR outer material 


- Size: Medium
- Chest: 46"
- Inseam: 36"
- Outseam: 57" 

- Size: Large
- Chest: 48"
- Inseam: 37"
- Outseam: 58"

- Size: XX Large
- Chest: 56"
- Inseam: 39"
- Outseam: 61"