Hornes 184951

Hornes FLBBM Full Length Blundstone Boot Waders

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For local fishing, we tend to get a bit hot wearing this kind of non-breathable wader, but you don't want to outlay breathable wader dollars. Get going with these great waders from Horne's.

Made in SA, A S Horne Fishing Waders are the benchmark for quality and reliability. Suitable for fishing hunting, farming, mudflats aquaculture, breeding poultry, deep well working, water sports. 


- Practical footwear for waders, will keep dry
- Soft and comfortable wearing for feet and legs
- Pants and boots combined overall, wear-resistant
- Good waterproof performance, well impermeable
- Thicken quality outsole, anti-skid, suitable for many terrains
- Adjustable waist drawstring design, fix pants from falling, fit well
- Double stitching between pants and boots, seamless connection achieved


- Application: Unisex
- Pants material: PVC
- Shoes material: PVC body + PVC Boot + Rubber sole

- Model No: FLBBM09
- Shoes US Size: 9

- Model No: FLBBM10
- Shoes US Size: 10

- Model No: FLBBM11
- Shoes US Size: 11