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Shinto Octopus Circle Hook Bulk Pack - 10/0

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SHINTO has developed a new super sharp hook in which they shave back the point creating a Spear Point.

The Spear Point is chemically cut using a new process that creates one of the sharpest hooks in the market place today.

The offset circle design is the perfect deepwater bottom fishing hook with paternoster ‘dropper-style’ rigs or normal boat fishing with cut baits.

When using this hook, anglers do not strike on the bite but rather the fish is allowed to run with the bait and as the line comes tight the hook will roll into the corner of the fish’s mouth. This is a great hook to use for ‘lazy‘ rigs fished from a rod holder as fish simply hook themselves. 


-  Super sharp spear point
- Chemically cut


- Size: 10/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 15