Citer Chin Guard Weight Bait Trolling Rig 5.0 5
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Citer Chin Guard Weight Bait Trolling Rig

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Citer Chin Guards have grown a well earned reputation as the simplest and best performing rig to ensure your dead bait trolling is as successful as possible at the business end.

Small - 45g

Smallest in the family at 45g with single rigging pin. Single frame through wire is connected preventing the wire from pulling out when fighting a large fish.
Small Chin Guards are designed to be used with Pilly's when on the troll, but will be just as effective when baiting other smaller baits such as smaller Gar Fish and slimy Mackerel.
When rigging your bait the pin is simply pushed through the head of the bait and an elastic band looped around the head or the wire pin can be simply bent forward. The rear eyelet will need to be attached to a pair of Gang Hooks.

Medium - 118g

Our original model and biggest seller, with double wire rigging pin. The medium Chin Guard has a single, one piece, stainless steel wire frame with two rigging pins connected to both eye lids, preventing the wire from pulling open when fighting a large fish.

The medium Chin Guard prevents your dead bait from spinning and gets depth when trolling. The slower your trawl the deeper your bait will sink. This Chin guard is normally rigged with Wolf Herring, Gar, Larger Slimey Mackerel and Taylor.

The two stainless steel pins push through the baits head and loop with one or two elastic bands. Gang Hooks can be attached to the rear of the Chin Guard.

Large - 149g

The large Chin Guard is designed for rigging bigger baits such as Bonito, Wolf Herring, Scad and big Mullet. This Chin Guard is made to help your bait swim straight and to get some depth.

Rigged by pushing the steel pins through the head of the bait and fasten with the use of elastic bands. To rig the Chin Guard use multiple Gang Hooks to suit the length of your bait.