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Shinto 6041 Octopus Lumo Hook Pack

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SHINTO has developed a new super sharp hook in which they shave back the point creating a Spear Point®. The Spear Point® is chemically cut using a new process that creates one of the sharpest hooks in the market place today.

SHINTO has also sprayed the hook with a thick lumo paint. This ensures that when fishing during the early morning or night time hours, your bait will be visible to fish. We all know that fish feeding at night look for luminescent lights which indicate there is something around worth eating. Calamari and other fishes naturally have luminescent stripes or dots on their skin and hungry praying snapper or gummy sharks will look for these indictors to hunt for food.

The next time our heading out in the dark, grab a packet of SHINTO¨ Lumo Green Octopus hooks and really stick it to them.


- Chemically sharpened spear point
- strong nickel
- Lumo coated for extra attraction when night fishing


- Size: 3/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 6

- Size: 4/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 6

- Size: 5/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 6

- Size: 6/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 6

- Size: 8/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 6