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Pro-Cure Pure UV Enhancement Liquid Fluid

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Super charge any lure, soft plastic or bait with the power of Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid. A little goes a long way and Pure UV Liquid can be mixed with your favorite scents (water-based or oils), or applied directly to lures and baits to attract fish and trigger strikes.

Hit the lure or bait with a black light torch and you will see the full impact of this powerful Pure UV Liquid.

Many species of fish see varying degrees of UV light and this is something that has been developed and maintained throughout evolution, leading scientists to believe that this trait is advantageous and may be related to foraging, communication and mate selection.

Ultraviolet rays are not visible to humans and basically ultraviolet means beyond violet, violet being the highest frequencies of visible light, so light that is visible to humans.

We use a black light to test how different substances react to UV light as a black light emits long-wave UVA and very little visible light, cancelling out a lot of visible light and allowing us to observe the coloured glow or 'fluorescence' that an object gives off. UV light causes many substances to glow or fluoresce and that's where UV comes into play with lures and baits. Pro-Cure Pure UV Liquid becomes a powerful tool in your arsenal, allowing you to quickly and easily add a UV punch to the lures and baits in your kit


- Super charge your lures, soft plastics and baits
- Can be mixed with scents or added directly
- Instant UV to attract fish and trigger strikes
- Value 2oz bottle with easy applicator nozzle 


- Volume: 2oz