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Owner Jobu Ultra Duty Hook

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Aimed at game fishing lovers, you can buy Owner Jobu big game hooks and expect to go after some of the toughest species in the ocean. A pack of these Owner fishing hooks will let you prepare for battle in complete confidence. Discover your options below.

Trolling and Cubing – You should really think about ordering Owner Jobu hooks if you prefer trolling or cubing. Owner has made its Jobu hooks incredibly strong to allow for this to be possible, giving you what you need for game fishing.

Suitable for Lures and Baits – An Owner hook from the Jobu product line can be used with skirted fishing lures or when rigging large baits, allowing you to switch between either option. This can be extremely useful for if you run out of real fish bait and need to make a change and have a spare un-rigged skirted lured tucked away in the boat somewhere.

Breakthrough Features – Jobu’s game fishing range will ensure that you have an Owner fishing hook packed with helpful features, including anti-corrosion finish, deep-throat bend, XXX-strong forged shank, and Cutting Point.


- Cutting point
- Triple strength forged shank
- Extra Heavy Duty Hook
- Suitable for cubing or trolling


Size: 7/0
- 5 Per Pack

Size: 8/0
- 4 Per Pack

Size: 9/0
- 3 Per Pack

- 2 Per Pack

Size: 11/0
- 2 Per Pack

Size: 12/0
- 2 Per Pack