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Owner Flashy Swimmer Weedless Worm Jighead Hook Gold Colorado Blade

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The Owner Flashy Swimmer jig head is a great weedless hook for soft plastic lures. The hook features a spinning blade attached to the hook keel weight, providing maximum flash and vibration on the retrieve. Each hook also features a twistlock centering pin to perfectly rig your soft plastic or swimbait. This also acts as a keeper and prevents the lure from sliding off the hook. An extremely popular rigging option for freshwater native species, including Aussie bass, Murray cod and big barra.


- The flashy swimmer is a unique hook for rigging soft swimbaits and other soft baits
- The spinner blade is attached to a non movable weight that keels a rigged soft bait perfectly
- The blade adds a fish attracting flash
- Popular rig for Australian bass, trout, murray cod and barramundi
- Super sharp needle point
- Twistlock centering pin spring
- 2X strong wide gap worm hook design
- Ringed eyelet for easy tying


- Size: 1/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 3/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 5/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 6/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 8/0
- Quantity Per Pack: 2