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Optia OP030 Ball Bearing Swivel

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The Optia Ball Bearing Swivel is made with a high regard for quality control in mind. Its circular motion is almost as smooth as the Ball Bearing swivel and it is fast becoming the best selling swivel in the Optia range.

These quality ball bearing swivels provide excellent spinning and strength. Once you have use Optia terminal tackle you will use nothing else. The exceptional quality of Optia will always give you the edge over the fish and will never let you down.


- Smooth circular motion
- Type: Ball bearing


- Size: 7
- Breaking strain: 50kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 5
- Breaking strain: 90kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 3
- Breaking strain: 150kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 2

- Size: 1
- Breaking strain: 250kg

- Quantity Per Pack: 2