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Nomad The Streaker Metal Jig Lure 200g

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A faster High Pitch Jig designed for pelagics and demersal species

Chasing monster Kingfish or Samsons? How about the revered Dogtooth Tuna? The streaker jig by Nomad Design was developed with these species in mind, Rigged strong courtesy of BKK you can drop these jigs, lock up and hang on!

The Streaker jig is a high pitch jig designed to be worked faster. It is perfect for yellowfin, Bluefin, amberjack and a variety of other Species. It has gained huge popularity when trying to mimic a sand eel when jigging striped bass and bluefin tuna. The sizes available mean you can fish this in shallow water for grouper and snapper, through to deep water for yellowtail, amberjacks and tuna.

The jigs come fitted with super strong and super sharp BKK jig assist hooks matched perfectly to the size of the jig and are ready to fish straight out of the packet.

Designed for deeper water and to sink quickly and get worked fast, this jig is deadly on kingies and other species that like to hang off the bottom. It has a super erratic action that midwater predators cannot resist.


- BKK jig assist hooks


Weight: 120g
- Length: 285mm