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Nomad Tufflock Fluorocarbon Coated Hybrid Leader

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The TUFFLOCK Hybrid Leader has a super tough fluorocarbon outer coating wrapped around a soft monofilament core, providing excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility, and knot strength. Perfect for casting, jigging, or trolling and using friction knots. The softer core allows knots to bite down and provide extremely high knot strength while offering a super tough and abrasion resistant outer layer. Designed and tested using decades of on water experience TUFFLOCK Hybrid is the ultimate easy to use abrasion resistant leader.


- Perfect for casting, jigging or trolling
- Designed and tested using decades of on water experience
- Provides excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility and knot strength


- Breaking strain: 20lb
- Diameter (mm): 0.33
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 30lb
- Diameter (mm): 0.41
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 40lb
- Diameter (mm): 0.57
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 50lb
- Diameter (mm): 0.62
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 60lb
- Diameter (mm): 0.67
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 80lb
- Diameter (mm): 0.81
- Length: 100m

- Breaking strain: 100lb
- Diameter (mm): 0.87
- Length: 50m

- Breaking strain: 120lb
- Diameter (mm): 1.04
- Length: 50m

- Breaking strain: 150lb
- Diameter (mm): 1.17
- Length: 50m