Nomad 9351482018115

Nomad Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers

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The new Nomad split ring pliers are the toughest, strongest and most reliable split ring pliers on the market today. Years of testing around the world assures you of the absolute quality with the Nomad Pliers.


- Designed to open even the smallest split rings.

- Made of coated stainless steel, they will not seize up or rust.

- The split ring nose will not bend sideways and distort when you try to use them for removing hooks from fish.

- The spring is heavily protected from damage from the elements, ensuring they work every time you pick them up.

- Come with a durable pouch and lanyard. The integrated cutting blades cut either mono or braid effortlessly and have been removed from the jaw area to avoid non-intended damage.


- Size: 10H
- Suitable for split ring sizes: #3 to 10H

- Size: 11H
- Suitable for split ring sizes: #8 to 11H