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Land and Sea Stealth Dive Knife

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The Stealth Dive Knife by Land & Sea more than measures up for spearfishing. The chemically blackened finish gives it an impressive finish that demands attention. The multi-edged blade, this will give the luxury of having the flat-edge, saw-edge, line-cutter, and Bowie tip to depend on. The line-cutter is particularly useful for severing ropes and chords, while the Bowie tip offers impressive puncturing abilities. 

To manufacture the diving knife, Land and Sea used 420-grade stainless steel. This particular grade is one of the best suited to saltwater conditions. Caring for the knife is wonderfully simple due to its stripped-back design. The diving knifes metallic handle has been contoured to give you a superior grip. Additionally, the handle has innovative punctured holes to give the Stealth dive knife its remarkably lightweight feel.

A webbing sheath comes with the knife to keep it safely out of reach when not in use, and subsequently to improve safety. And the value of the sheath doesn’t stop there, with rubber straps letting you attach it and quick-release buckles helping to secure it.


- Chemically blackened finish
- Ideal for spearfishing
- Multi-edged blade
- Webbing sheath
- Rubber leg straps
- Quick-release buckles


- Overall Length: 200mm
- Grade: 420 stainless steel