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Land and Sea Mariner Yacht Reef Walker Shoes Blue

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The Land and Sea Adrenalin Mariner Yacht Shoe is designed for all water sports activities and is used mainly for reef walking or boating. However they can be used for water aerobics, kayaking, jet skiing, stand up paddles boards or simply walking down the beach. They are extremely light weight and dry very quickly which is perfect for anyone on holiday or wearing them everyday and hate putting on a cold wet shoe to start the day.

With drainage slits in the sole to allow water to drain away quickly and a mesh insert to prevent sand or small shells from entering the shoe they are perfect for sailing, jet skiing and many other sports. They come with elastic laces which makes it easy to get them on and off yet still being super secure as you can pull the toggle nice and tight to keep your foot in place. The sole on the Mariner yacht shoe is non slip, so it's great on any wet surfaces. It has in-built buoyancy so your shoes will float if you drop them overboard. 


- Water drainage sloths on the sole
- Mesh insert to prevent sand and stones
- Non-marking PU soles, great for boating
- Inbuilt buoyancy that makes the shoe float if dropped in the water
- Supporting inner sole for maximum comfort
- Non slip soles


- Size (US): 4
- Insole Length: 23.5cm

- Size (US): 5
- Insole Length: 24.5cm

- Size (US): 6
- Insole Length: 26cm

- Size (US): 7
- Insole Length: 26.5cm

- Size (US): 8
- Insole Length: 27cm

- Size (US): 9
- Insole Length: 27.5cm

- Size (US): 10
- Insole Length: 28cm

- Size (US): 11
- Insole Length: 29cm

- Size (US): 12
- Insole Length: 30cm