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Land and Sea Sphinx Saw-Cut Dive Knife

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Land and Sea has been importing tremendous amounts water sports equipment in Australia for more than 30 years. Among that equipment, the importer has crafted some outstanding diving knives. One such example is the eye-catching Sphinx divers knife and its eye-catching yellow handle.

The handle of the dive knife is a thermoplastic and rubber blend formed through moulding. Comfort-wise, you should have no issues while using the knife. There is even a hand-guard to offer protection and prevent accidents. Also, the bright yellow handle can be used to signal to underwater companions from your diving party.

Focusing on the impressive blade, this has been crafted from 420-grade stainless steel. The blade features two saw-cut edges and two regular cutting edges, plus a Bowie tip to allow for deeper puncture.

Along with the Sphinx diving knife comes a moulded rubber sheath to store it safely. The sheath also features a rubber leg strap for convenient attachment as well as quick-release buckles for rapid removal. 


- 420-grade stainless steel
- Hand-guard
- Multipurpose blade
- Hammerhead handle
- Thermoplastic-rubber handle
- Sheath and leg strap