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Halco Fish Ring Ultra Heavy Duty Three Wrap Split Ring

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Step up your game with quality fish rings. Halco Fish Rings bear the overall force a hooked fish exerts on your lure, withstanding the many intense twists and jumps that fish tend to throw at anglers.

When choosing the right quality fish rings for your fishing tackle, make sure the split rings are small enough to pass comfortably through the eye of the hook and lure. If your set-up feels rigid and stiff, your split rings are likely too big for your hook. When the split ring size matches correctly, hooks are able to swing freely when the lure travels underwater, not disrupting the inbuilt action of the lure.

Halco’s quality Fish Rings consist of three thicknesses of stainless steel wire to eliminate the “soft” spot, and incase your opportunity of landing that feisty fish. Halco Fish Rings are also 70% stronger than standard split rings and are an ideal product to use when conducting your regular tackle maintenance.


- Quality made stainless steel heavy duty split rings
- Three turns of stainless steel to eliminate 'soft' spot making them 70% stronger than the standard split rings


- Size: 3
- Breaking strain: 15kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 18

- Size: 4
- Breaking strain: 18kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 18

- Size: 5
- Breaking strain: 35kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 18

- Size: 7
- Breaking strain: 50kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 18

- Size: 4XX
- Breaking strain: 66kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 18

- Size: 6XX
- Breaking strain: 90kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 18

- Size: 7XX
- Breaking strain: 95kg
- Quantity Per Pack: 18