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Ecogear Aqua Liquid Fishing Scent Juice Stimulant

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A special preservation liquid with amino acid and attractant designed to increase ECOGEARAQUA's attraction and keep it in its best condition. Apart from the "Original" preservation liquid, a "UV" version containing glowing ingredients that appeal visually to the target fish. 

How to Use: Place ECOGEARAQUA lure in an air tight container and pour in an appropriate amount of the preservation liquid.


- Not for human consumption
- Keep out of the reach of children
- Not to be used for any purpose other than fishing.
- Do not use on any other soft plastic worms.
- White powder may gather on the bottom of the bottle. Shake before use.
- The product may change colour over time, this does not affect the quality of the product
- Store away from direct sunlight, and out of areas of high temperature.
- The preservation liquid may be hard to wash off clothes. Wipe with a wet towel, and wash with detergent as soon as possible


- Volume: 110g
- Available in Original and UV