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Decoy ZF1S Zero Dan Flash Offset Weedless Worm Hook

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Mounting Decoy ZF-1S Zero-Dan Flash Offset is a bit of a plug-in chatterbait. It is enough to hang a silicone vibrotail, a twister or a worm on the hook, and the original bait with a unique game is ready for use. The metal petal, located in the front, wags in different directions during posting, creating glare, powerful vibration and a rustling sound, so that it is not difficult for the fish to notice the bait even in muddy water.

The Decoy Zero-Dan Flash Offset snap-in has non-hooking properties due to the fact that the petal takes all the blows against various obstacles, and the presence of an offset hook virtually eliminates the hook. The main load is secured with a winding ring in the lower part of the bait, which allows you to replace it with a lighter or heavier depending on the fishing conditions.

Mounting Decoy Zero-Dan Flash Offset is used for catching pike, zander and perch both in still water and in a small stream. 


- High quality weedless hooks
- Strong undulating & high pitch roll action


- Size: #1/0
- Weight: 7g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1

- Size: #3/0
- Weight: 9g
- Quantity Per Pack: 1