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Daiwa 51213 Emeraldas Ikashime Squid Egi Stick 130C Black

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Every Egi angler needs the right tool for the job and when it comes to taking care of your catch to maximise the eating experience there's nothing more important than a quality Ikashime tool, and none come better that the Emeraldas Ikashime.

Featuring a trapezoidal shaped blade and two-point tip for increased slip resistance and control, this essential eging device is light and compact for added portability, while a Daiwa and Emeraldas logo emblazoned sheath provides a touch of class and essential protection.

Stylish and refined, the Emeraldas Ikashime is the tool that every Egi angler needs to keep their catch fresh and at its best.


- Sticking to the tip shape, it is hard to slip and can surely penetrate the key points one rank up!
- Equipped with a canna repair on the grip part to easily fix the bent canna of the bait tree - The case can be connected to the grip to prevent loss
- The drain hole in the case makes it easy to wash and rust-resistant
- The tail rope can be attached


- Model: 51213
- Length: 130cm
- Colour: Black