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Black Pete Tournament Rigging and Crimping Kit

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What becomes instantly apparent about this game fishing tournament rigging kit is the vast selection of tackle and equipment at your disposal. Just take a quick look at the contents below. 

Black Pete Marine and its angling experts are the experienced minds responsible for compiling this expansive rigging kit. The company specialises in the manufacture of fishing tackle and has grown quickly since being established in 1998. To acquire this selection of fishing tackle individually would cost a fortune, but this collective pack will let you have all of it for a superior price.


- 50 x 1.5MM Copper Double Sleeves
- 50 x 1.7MM Copper Double Sleeves
- 50 x 2.0MM Copper Double Sleeves
- 50 x 2.3MM Copper Double Sleeves
- 1 x Light Crimp Tool