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Westin Salty The Shrimp 8cm 20g Hard Body Lure

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What's the best way to make a shrimp imitation lure? A 3D scan of a real life shrimp, of course! That's what we did when creating Salty the Shrimp, - an awesome hard lure designed with Scandinavian seatrout in mind, but works equally well with seabass, trout and even freshwater predators like perch. The head is designed as a flat surface, which works in the same way as a wobbler lip, creating a tight and erratic swimming action. The hook is located at the tail end to further enhance the aggressive swimming action - however, you can easily switch the hook to the head end if you want longer distance casting or a calmer, side-to-side swimming action. Salty the Shrimp comes in an array of badass color variations for different situations, all of which are hand painted. Fish him fast or slow, but whatever you do, be ready! He wobbles almost the second he hits the wet stuff, so be prepared to catch some fish.


- Material: ABS plastic / zinc
- Lead free
- Stay-On double spilt ring hook mount
- Unique two way action
- Life-Like lure
- Hand painted detailed colours


- Length: 8cm
- Weight: 20g
- Japanese-style #4 carbon steel hook