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Waterline Universal Outboard Motor Flusher

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Waterline Universal outboard motor flusher. It is generally a good idea to connect your flusher to the motor (once it is in a secure position) first, connect the hose and turn the hose on. This will pressurise the system and show up any major leaks, etc. This is the time to fix it if it flies off! It is normal to see water coming out of the area where the flusher changes on to the outboard leg. If everything is ok, start the motor, out of gear, as soon as possible. 

3 different types available; Round, Rectangular and Oval shaped. Follow the instructions that came with the outboard motor to suit your requirements.


- Quickly flushes away salt, silt, alkali and sand
- Extends engine life by preventing clogging and corrosion
- For use on most outboards and stem-drives with suitable water inlets
- Attaches to garden hose
- Universal fit


- Model: 260500
Type: Rectangular

- Model: 260501
- Type: Round

- Model: 260502
Type: Oval