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Versus Meiho Bucket Mouth BM-5000 Heavy Duty Tackle Box

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Revolution to a hardback! Hard box that is safe to put 500kg of weight on the lid. It is ok as a sitting pedestal and a step stand! The lid overlaps the body and is designed to resist splashing. Buckle (fastener) is a smooth one-touch buckle, adopted for opening and closing. 

Belts are attached, but VS shoulder belts and cooler belts can also be attached. The pliers holder and attachment are equipped on both sides of the main body, and it is possible to attach the rod holder etc. (scheduled to be released separately). 

The Versus Meiho Bucket Mouth Heavy Duty Tackle Box has infinite possibilities. The middle plate has a hole for inserting the pliers holder and the re-rolling spool holder. The body and the box is as hard and durable as can possibly be, yet is easy to carry design makes it accessible for use in any adventure.  


- Double-sided open / close tackle box
- Multipurpose holder allows mounting of rod stand and options
- 90 degree stopper when open
- Half tray
- One-touch double closure
- With non-slip rubber


- Size: 440 x 293 x 293 mm
- Capacity: 20L
- Material: Polypropylene
- Colours available: Black or Orange