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Varivas Avani SS Assist Line Tying Cord

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The Varivas brand is one of the highest quality Japanese manufacturers in the world today. The Varivas SS Assist cord is one of Varivas’s top selling products along with their leaders and braid products.

The SS assist is extremely strong and has great abrasive resistance qualities but it is not too stiff so that it allows your assist rig to be freely moving for maximum hook up rate. It is also great for tying knots in and comes packaged on handy large 20mt spools from size #20 (100pd) which is perfect for all your smaller micro jigs right up to size #80 (330pd) when chasing the big pelagics like Dog Tooth Tuna.


- Ideal for making your own assist hooks
- Highly recommended co-polymer line for big game fishing, such as GT and Tuna
- Ultra-high strength and abrasion-resistance due to the co-polymer structure
- Adjusted tension reduces line trouble and provides perfect stiffness for improved hook-up


- Model: VA008B
- Breaking strain: 130lb
- Size: #25

- Model: VA008C
- Breaking strain: 150lb
- Size: #30

- Model: VA008D
- Breaking strain: 200lb
- Size: #40

- Model: VA008E
- Breaking strain: 240lb
- Size: #50

- Model: VA008F
- Breaking strain: 260lb
- Size: #60