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Tiemco Lonesome Sweeper 75mm Suspending Sub Surface Walker Lure

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The Tiemco Lonesome Sweeper is a new lure, fooling old fish.

Anglers targeting Bream, Bass and Estuary Perch have all had success on this lure when things are tough. The action is subtle with an I type action when slow rolled. You can also twitch this bait back and watch it dart from side to side, looking erratic and similar to a wounded baitfish.

Equipped with feathered trebles and a neon fibre tail, this emphasises the action even more. When the Lonesome Sweeper is paused, the feathers and tail pulsate and move keeping fish interested where other lures may cause fish to spook or lose interest. Combine all this with a fishy piece of water and its hard not to tie the Lonesome Sweeper on first. Cast it out, twitch twitch and hold on.


- Realistic profile
- Equipped with feathered trebles
- Available in a range of colours 


- Type: Suspending / Surface
- Length: 7.5cm
- Weight: 4.5g