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Team Waterproof Socks

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Whether you're hiking over mountains, traveling the seas, cycling, on a camping adventure, or even just at work, the Team® Waterproof Socks will always keep your feet warm and dry. They're also great for Construction, Mining, Engineering, Agriculture, Food & Health, Fishing, Transport & Metal work.

The Team® Waterproof Socks conform to the shape of your feet, providing you with the most comfortable fit every time. The outer Nylon & Elastine layer provides conforming comfort whilst also protecting your feet from the elements.

The Team® Waterproof Socks are completely waterproof, allowing your feet to stay fully dry no matter your activity. So wether you're walking through water, snow or mud, you're feet will always remain 100% dry.

The Team® Waterproof Socks are fully breathable, allowing your feet to stay ventilated and dry during your activity. The middle Waterproof & Breathable Membrane layer provides ventilation and breathability for your feet, whilst still providing 100% waterproof protection.

The Team® Waterproof Socks feature a unique three layer design, so no matter your activity, your feet will always stay warm and snug. The inner layer uses both soft Cotton & Elastine to ensure that your feet stay warm and comfortable throughout your activity.

The Team® Waterproof Socks feature a Cotton & Elastane inner lining which provides soft comfort against your feet and allows the socks to be super light. These socks also protect you against the wind, keeping your feet warm and dry in harsh conditions.


- Conforming Comfort
- 100% Waterproof
- Fully Breathable
- Warm
- Lightweight
- Windproof
- Sizes: Range available

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