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Tasline Elite White 300M Braided Fishing Line

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Except for the 8 and 15lb, all Elite White is pure 8 strand, with no coatings or additives, leaving it silky smooth and supple for improved casting distance and extreme fishing like popping and jigging for trophy fish. Together with a unique heat treatment process developed by Tasline, this braid is tweaked to optimum performance. Manufactured and tested in small batches, to make sure Tasline Elite White is the best braid available.

Independent tests show with Tasline Elite White you will get the best of both worlds.


Test: 15lb
Diameter: 0.163mm
PE Rating: 1
Actual Average Break: 23.7lb
Number of Strands: 6

Test: 20lb
Diameter: 0.225mm
PE Rating: 1.7
Actual Average Break: 34.7lb
Number of Strands: 8

Test: 30lb
Diameter: 0.299mm
PE Rating: 3
Actual Average Break: 49.0lb
Number of Strands: 8

Test: 40lb
Diameter: 0.317mm
PE Rating: 3.5
Actual Average Break: 59.2lb
Number of Strands: 8

Test: 50lb
Diameter: 0.332mm
PE Rating: 4
Actual Average Break: 78.5lb
Number of Strands: 8

Test: 60lb
Diameter: 0.422mm
PE Rating: 6
Actual Average Break: 91.6lb
Number of Strands: 8

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