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Sunline PE Jigger ULT 8 300m Braided Fishing Line

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The Sunline Jigger ULT8 is stronger then regular braid! Special smooth surface processing finish on the line produces a smooth and almost round surface.

The line shape becomes very close to a perfect round circle, and it can survive maintain in very difficult tidy situations. As well, friction with guides is curbed. With the combination of tenacious raw materials and suitable stretch, the line can stand for strong pull of big fishes.

Has minimal guide friction for fast fall rate, unique tight braid design makes the line virtually impervious to surface damage.


- Superior knot strength
- EMSC (Easy Measuring Colour System) technology
- High-quality braid
- Abrasion-resistant


- Rating: PE 2
- Breaking Strain: 30lb
- Length: 300m

Rating: PE 2.5
- Breaking Strain: 40lb
- Length: 300m

- Rating: PE 3
- Breaking Strain: 50lb
- Length: 300m

- Rating: PE 4
- Breaking Strain: 60lb
- Length: 300m

- Rating: PE 5
- Breaking Strain: 80lb
- Length: 300m

- Rating: PE 6
- Breaking Strain: 90lb
- Length: 300m