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Sunline Cast Away PE Braided Fishing Line

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Cast Away PE is Sunline's premium in shore braided line that ticks all the boxes anglers demand from a braid. It is an 8 stranded braid but made of two different materials to give benefits that the angler gets from both a 4 strand braid and 8 strand braid.

Having 4 larger fibers of Sunline's high grade PE it increases abrasion resistance and shock resistance, while the 4 smaller polyester strands gives this braid great softness and increased feel and sensitivity. This makes the line perfect for use on both baitcast reels as well as spin reels, with the thin diameter and softness making it a superior casting line with increased distance.

All these benefits combined make this braid the perfect balance of durability and sensitivity that will make fishing easier in many different scenarios. 

Sunline Cast Away PE is a non-tangle braided line. It has the hybrid construction of 8 strands; 4 PE strands of braided fibre and 4 high-density ester mono-filaments. The surface of the line is smooth and makes far less guide noise than other lines. The smooth surface and the hybrid construction offers superb casting distance, accuracy and comfort with fewer line troubles. CastAway PE is low stretch, high sensitivity line with a high weight ratio. It suspends in water and provides excellent visibility in dark or light conditions and is well suited for inshore/light off shore lure fishing.


- Increased abrasion resistance (8 strand braid)
- High grade PE

- Increased feel and sensitivity
- Decreased tangle susceptibility 
- Light blue colour


- Breaking Strain: 10lb
- Length: 150m

- Breaking Strain: 12lb
- Length: 150m

- Breaking Strain: 16lb
- Length: 150m

- Breaking Strain: 20lb
- Length: 150m 

- Breaking Strain: 25lb
- Length: 150m

- Breaking Strain: 30lb
- Length: 200m

- Breaking Strain: 40lb
- Length: 200m

- Breaking Strain: 50lb
- Length: 200m

- Breaking Strain: 60lb
- Length: 200m