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Sufix 832 Braided Fishing Line Fire Camo 150yd

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Sufix 832 Advanced Superline® is the strongest, most durable small diameter braid on the market. R8 Precision Braiding and fibre technology provides superior strength, roundness and line consistency. 832 Advanced Superline has 8 fibres (7 HMPE fibres plus 1 GORE® Performance Fibre) and 32 weaves (pics) per inch. GORE® Performance Fibres improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance & accuracy and reduce line vibration. HMPE fibres provide high strength & sensitivity, hydrophobic water-repellent protection and small diameter.

Ask anyone, 832 is the toughest braided line on the market. Sick of line breaking and wearing prematurely? With 832 you'll never have to worry about losing that fish of a lifetime because of braid failure ever again. Be confident you can fish this line hard and to the max without it ever letting you down. 832 is supremely more abrasion resistant than any other braid or super line will ever be, because of our patented use of GORE Performance Fibres. 


- 8 carrier braid
- 7 HMPE fibres
- 32 weaves per inch - tight braiding for round profile
- 1 GORE Performance Fibre
- More abrasion resistant
- Tougher than any other braid on the market
- Fire Camo colouring 


 - Breaking Strain: 6lb
- Length: 150yds

- Breaking Strain: 10lb
- Length: 150yds

- Breaking Strain: 15lb
- Length: 150yds

- Breaking Strain: 20lb
- Length: 150yds

- Breaking Strain: 30lb
- Length: 150yds

- Breaking Strain: 40lb
- Length: 150yds

- Breaking Strain: 50lb
- Length: 150yds