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Squidgies Wriggler 140mm Soft Plastic Lure

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In 2020, Squidgies has expanded the iconic Wriggler range with the reintroduction of a 140mm size. Squidgies says, the Wriggler's slender profile, ribbed belly and curled tail creates a flutter on the fall, effective for offshore species like snapper and pearl perch. Closer in, the oversize Wrigglers are perfect for big flathead and mulloway in estuaries, using a lift-drop-lift action. Meanwhile, in the fresh, a simple slow rolling retrieve to trigger the Wriggler’s seductive tail action will elicit bites from the wariest Murray cod.

One of the three original Squidgy tail designs, our Wriggler is an important variation on the deadly but traditional curly-tailed grubs of the past. Combining a finer tail for very fast vibrations and belly flaps to create both a distinctive sonic presence and the impression of legs, no other soft plastic on the market today so closely mimics the swimming action of uniquely Australian marine worms, shrimps, prawns and other invertebrates quite like the Squidgy Wriggler, making this our ultimate "finesse plastic"... No wonder the Squidgy Wriggler continues to smash sales records; season after season!


- Up to 50% biodegradable
- High stretch elastomer
- Ultra tough long lasting
- Made in Japan
- Available in a range of colours 


- Length: 140mm 
- Quantity Per Pack: (coming soon)